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Our Copyright Attorneys appreciate the value of your creative, intellectual works and the value of protecting those works from plagiarism and copyright infringement.  We have years of experience in advising clients on how to properly use and protect copyrighted materials.  With the advent of social media, copyright law and protection has become substantially more complicated, and it has become increasingly important for creative individuals and companies to have experienced, knowledgeable attorneys to advise them on how to protect their works and avoid infringement.


With Copyright Lawyers in Dallas, Frisco and Plano, we assist our clients with preparing and filing copyright registration applications with the United States Copyright Office.  We also have extensive experience in the constructing of strong copyright licensing and assignment agreements to protect our clients and their rights.  Our Dallas Copyright Attorneys further counsel clients on how to obtain rights to and to properly use copyrighted materials, especially as regards copyrighted software and online copyright materials.


In addition, our Copyright Lawyers have over a decade of experience in helping clients to enforce their copyrights and in providing the aggressive, strategic representation that copyright infringement cases demand. The wide spread use of social media and peer-to-peer sharing has created a hotbed for complex copyright infringement and misappropriation cases.  Whether attempting to protect your rights as a creator or defend against accusations of copyright infringement, our Dallas Copyright Attorneys have the skill and knowledge to help you.  We have successfully represented clients in a variety of venues, from State to Federal Courts and before governmental offices and agencies for the protection of intellectual properties.  We have also negotiated settlements favorable to our clients in numerous cases.  If you are facing a copyright infringement case, we can advise you of your options and help you to reach a desirable outcome.


We have Copyright Attorneys practicing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, including Patent Lawyers in Frisco, Plano, Irving, and Addison.








  • Preparing copyright applications and copyright registrations;


  • Filing copyright applications and copyright registrations;


  • Advising clients as to copyright fair use;


  • Preparing copyright cease & desist letters;


  • Responding to copyright cease & desist letters;


  • Advising clients as to the elements of copyright infringement;


  • Copyright use and enforcement in Cyberspace;


  • Drafting copyright licenses and copyright assignment agreements;


  • Defending a Copyright Infringement law suit; and


  • Filing a Copyright Infringement law suit against an infringer.




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