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Our Copyright Attorneys know the value of your creative, intellectual works and the importance of protecting your copyrights.  We further understand the difficulties of using copyrighted materials properly and of enforcing your copyrights.  Our Dallas Copyright Lawyers will employ their years of experience to help you to obtain and maintain the protection of your copyrighted works.


What is a Copyright?


Copyright is a form of legal protection found in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression (i.e. when its sufficiently permanent or stable to permit it to be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated for a period of more than transitory duration).   Copyright covers both published works, unpublished works and includes the following: i) to reproduce the work; ii) to prepare derivative works; iii) to distribute copies; iv) to perform the work; and v) to publicly display the work.


Copyright Registration


Copyrights differ from patents and trademarks in that there is no official needed to obtain copyright protection; the protection is secured from the first time the work is recorded.  However, registering your copyrighted work is still highly advisable as enforcing a copyright can be difficult and there are several compelling advantages associated with registering your copyright.  The most important reason for registering your copyright is that, for a work created in the United States, the copyright must be registered before a lawsuit for infringement of the copyright can be filed.  Hence, although registration is not necessary to obtain copyright protection, it is often necessary to enforce that protection.  Our skilled Dallas, Plano and Frisco Copyright Lawyers can assist and guide you through the registration process and help you to prepare an effective copyright application and registration to secure your copyright protection.


Copyright Use and Enforcement


In our modern world of social media, peer-to-peer sharing, and information technology, copyright use and enforcement has become exceedingly complicated.  Our Dallas Copyright Lawyers have over a decade of experience advising clients on how to obtain copyright clearances and how to properly use copyrighted materials.  Copyright ownership is especially important with copyrighted software and the transmission of data electronically over the Internet.  We also assist clients to enforce their copyrights through aggressive cease and desist letters and injunctions.  Our Attorneys are ready to assist you in filing federal copyright litigation to secure your copyrighted works.


Copyright Licensing and Assignment Agreements


Often the monetary value of a copyright is based upon the holder's ability to allow others to use or enjoy the copyrighted work.  Strong, comprehensive copyright licensing and copyright assignment agreements are essential to enabling you to distribute your work while maintaining the integrity of your copyright protection.  Our experienced Copyright Attorneys have negotiated and prepared numerous licensing and assignment agreements that have protected client copyrights and, in most cases, secured lucrative copyright royalties.   From a license agreement with a publisher for a book, to end user license agreements for software, to employee assignment agreements, our talented Dallas Copyright Lawyers can assist you to secure and maintain your intellectual property.






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